Why is a GED important ?

Life throws out all the curves of the ball, and sometimes it is impossible to get a traditional high school diploma. The American Board of Education (ACE) offers general education development or examinations equivalent to a high school diploma. It’s important to add this test because it can expand your job opportunities, increase your salary and get you to college.

In an hour of compensation

As you earn your GED, you can expect to get paid almost as much as high school graduate. According to a study conducted by the US Educational board, high school seniors earn about 3.5% more per hour than adults. However, when comparing recipients in high school, the recipients have earned almost 12% more per hour than the ones they reject. If you have time to get a GED instead of giving up your school, you can expect more work. According to Asova statistics, recipients work on average 28 hours per week, three hours more than those that allow school.

More work equals more money.

She attends college, if you want to get a college diploma, if you don’t have a diploma in college, you can get the first step in the process. According to ACE, around 95% of American universities will receive a diploma in the same way as higher school diplomas. Once you have passed the test, you can apply for an hour or a test. Most universities need standardized tests within the application process.Some universities require students to attend the test sites to determine whether they need additional courses to help them succeed in college.

The pleasure

Making money on your GED can help you get a satisfactory job. According to the ACE study, 63% of the pralite are sure to love their work very or completely. Only 5 4% of seizures in high school will have the same insight into their work. Many people also decided to take the test to improve personal satisfaction.Even if you don’t need a degree for work reasons, many of the recipients feel a clear sense of success when they finish their diploma.

Benefits for Fringe

Besides enjoying your work more than your exam can help you get more benefits such as health insurance plans and pensions. According to the ACE study, 69% of recipients received benefits from their employers. Only 60% of high school reports have received some benefit for employees.